About So-Inn

So-Inn proudly introduces the concept of the first fully serviced apartments in Somabay for both short and long term stays in the bay. Being fully furnished and conveniently equipped, So-Inn upholds to hospitality standards and a successful prototype for future projects.

The comfort of home away from home.

The Rate


So-Inn serviced apartments are offering space for families, couples and singles providing affordable accommodation for short and long-term visits. Optional to hotels So-Inn provides you with a more expedient and commodious option with a tailor made space program to enjoy privacy and individuality.

The Comfort of Home


Although travelling is a fantastic experience for many, for some it may mean leaving behind their families and friends. Serviced apartments have a much more homely atmosphere and provide you with little details and amenities  that you might not attain from a hotel-stay experience.

The Family Experience


With your own kitchen, separate bedrooms and living spaces, our serviced apartments allow you to maintain your normal daily life  routine. If your family and young ones perhaps, are accustomed to certain routines, there’s nothing to stop you sticking to it with effortlessness and ease. Sofa beds are available to accommodate another person in your apartment.

The Hospitality


  • 24/7 reception & concierge  services
  • 24/7 security attendance
  • 24/7 medical services
  • Lounge
  • Private swimming pool attendance
  • Shuttle services

The Dine – In


Being away from home no longer translates to eating way out of your budget.  With an equipped kitchenette SO-INN residences offer a  perfect  solution of home cooking. Enjoy your favorite meals and  make it feel like your  home away from home.  Super market delivery will make it even more convenient.

The Dine – Around


For change a breakfast and dinner set menu at the BALADINA  restaurants at the MARINA ?  Special offers are available to enjoy authentic dishes for an affordable price for the whole family. You prefer to dine  a la carte then  choose as  SO-INN guest any of our restaurants with a   15% discount on food and beverages